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UPVC Door Locks

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Modern UPVC door locks are known for their strength and durability, and so they are awfully popular. They usually have more than one hook or bolt in order to keep the property more secure. Even with this type of design, however, a lockset can get affected by various types of issues. Before you are some of the common problems, and how we take care of them during service.

UPVC Door Locks in United Kingdom

Door Lock Repair

When it is hard to turn the key, the problem usually has to do with either a worn or damaged cylinder. In this case, the cylinder will be replaced with a new one. If the problem is caused by accumulated dirt and lack of proper lubrication, the lock is cleaned and a specially formulated lubricant is applied. When the key cannot get into the keyway at all, this is a sure sign that the cylinder has to be changed.

Lock Replacement

When the key turns smoothly, but the bolt or other type of latch does not retract in either direction, this signals a very serious problem with the mechanism. The entire device is carefully inspected. If the issue is simple jamming, it is resolved with careful repair. However, if the locking mechanism is completely broken, it is replaced. It is always best to opt for a more advanced device when it comes to lock change. The investment is bigger, but the benefits that exceed it.

Broken UPVC Door

When the door doesn't close at all, this is usually caused by extensively worn or snapped hinges. In this case, the hardware parts are replaced with new ones which are stronger and more durable. Similarly, if the weather seals prevent proper closing, they are changed. If the handle is broken, a new one installed. Even dents on the panels and frame can be fixed. However, if the panel is severely damaged, the whole door is replaced.

Count on us for the professional repair and replacement of locks regardless of their design and manufacturer. Our technicians fix and align doors as well.

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