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How Prevent Lock Snapping

08/16/2015 Back To Blog

Lock snapping is a method utilized by thieves and burglars to break into a property equipped with a euro cylinder lock. A euro cylinder is a type of lock that is commonly used in every UPVC door and household locks in UK. Lock snapping involves breaking the cylinder for the purpose of manipulating the turning mechanism of the, which will then unlock and open the door.How Prevent Lock Snapping

Ways to prevent lock snapping

There are several ways on how you can prevent lock snapping. But, the first thing that you need to do is to identify your lock type. If you have an old cylinder lock, you could be at risk. One effective way to prevent this is to replace your old cylinder with an anti-snap version. These are specifically created in a way that they will not be manipulated by intruders. You should consider purchasing anti-snaps for your home, if you want to be free from any fear of intruders accessing your home.

Anti-snaps come with different security features to deter the most determined attack by burglars and thieves. For instance, some of them have a snap-off front section. This will come off if attacked, giving the thieves less of the cylinder lock to grasp. Another feature is the hardened grip defenders. This makes gripping the rest of the cylinder difficult. Another important feature is the hardened reinforced bar that can also be included. This is designed specifically so this will not snap but rather flex in a way that will defeat the attempts of intruders. Interlocking cam is another security attribute found in most anti-snap locks. This mostly comes with a strengthening bar that provides additional protection to the top portion of the cylinder. Other features of anti-snaps include anti-drill protection, anti-screw protection and anti-bump protection.

With all these great features from anti-snaps, you will have peace of mind knowing that your home is more secure and safe. You should look for the right type for your door to prevent any snapping incident from happening. It would definitely be a great idea to invest in a more secure lock for your home.

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