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Lock and key problems are not particularly common, but when they come up, they are usually urgent. Don’t panic and take the right action.

Office Lockout Solution

The solution depends on the cause of the problem. If you cannot get the key into the keyway or it’s impossible to turn it, the lock has to be fixed. In some cases, the cylinder or the locking mechanism has to be changed. A broken office key is another common cause of lockouts. Any pieces left inside have to be extracted. The lock may require repair too. With precision cutting, the replacement key will fit perfectly and work smoothly. Lost key is the worst case scenario. The lock has to be rekeyed or replaced as soon as possible.

Home Lock Repair

These door locksets are used many times during the day and can fail at any time. If you can’t unlock or lock the door, this is an emergency. The repair work begins with a check and testing which will show the cause of the malfunction. Sometimes, cleaning and lubrication are sufficient for restoring the lock’s condition and function. In other cases, a damaged or broken internal part has to be changed. Adjusting the locking mechanism and the strike plate will also help to perfect the device’s operation.  

Transponder Key Replacement

Emergency Lock ChangeIf the key is broken, it should be changed straight away. Both the blade and the chip unit of the new copy have to have the same design and capabilities as the old one. If the key malfunctions, repair should be the primary solution. If the device cannot be fixed, it has to be replaced with a matching one. If the key is missing, the ignition has to be rekeyed or changed first. This will pose the need for cutting a brand new key. The old one will be useless and this will protect the vehicle from theft attempts made with it.

Looking for fast and dependable emergency services? We’re here to provide them at any time of the day or night. Count on us, at Locksmith Upminster, to fix, rekey and change locks and to repair and replace keys of all types.

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